Incense For Good Energy

It’s a good idea to once in a while clear your house. This is very important after a large gathering, a death in the family, a visit from an unwanted guest, a quarrel, or once a year during spring housecleaning.

To clear your entire house, smudge each room with sage smudging sticks or smolder incense in each room with a window open. The bad energy will go outside, where it dissipates.

Native Americans used smudging herbs to remove bad energy fields around people.

In ancient Greece, smudging formed part of the rituals to contact the dead, following long periods of fasting and silence. Their sacred smoke was born out of sulphur and minerals in lieu of herbs to part the veil between the worlds of the living and form a bridge to the other world.

Did you know trees have positive energies, as do some natural rocks and plants.  The pine and oak tree both vibrate on high spiritual frequencies.  Trees are healers and to sit among them invites physical rejuvenation and spiritual renewal.  Have you ever hug a tree or sit with your back to them?   Boulders also have desirable magnetic qualities.

Some of the most popular purifying herbs and plants were

Cedar (keezhik) is used to purify the home.  When mixed with sage for a tea, it cleans the body of all infections, cedar baths are also very healing.

Ceremonial Sage (sukodawabuk) medicinal and stronger than sweet grass.  Sage is for releasing what is troubling the mind and for removing negative energy also for cleansing homes and sacred items.

Sweet grass (weengush) is the sacred hair of Mother Earth; a sweet aroma.

Pinon Red willow

and Mesquite

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